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The company

EMM. & NIKOL. ORFANAKIS SA Engineering and Construction Company specializes in the construction of luxurious apartments and contemporary buildings, either privately-owned or land granted. The founder of the company is Mr. Emmanuel N. Orfanakis, who has been active in construction services since 1970.

Successor in this effort, his son, Nikolaos E. Orfanakis, a Civil Engineer, who offers the scientific knowledge, experience, creativity and fresh thinking of the newer generation.

Our philosophy is to offer comprehensive proposals and solutions that will meet every client’s specific needs and requirements for the designing, supervision and construction of a modern dwelling, office or even a hotel complex.

Focusing on the high quality of the materials and building components, we are the best choice in the field of construction services. Along with our experienced scientific and technical staff, our main objective is high construction quality, modern architectural design, strict earthquake standards and affordable prices.